What we do

We are the gym where your teams build muscle in branding and experience design through our Mentoring, Advisory and Design consulting and training.

At Awethentic we are obsessed about marketing and experience design that is human-centred and research-informed. The design practice was born out of a strong belief that Australian startups can turn into rocket ships with the right training and teams. We envisage a future of work and business that is awe-inspiring, sustainable, where authenticity is championed at every level in the organisation and where the entire human shows up for work (not just the mind).

With the aim of being Australia’s trusted experience design advisory, we build capability in startups and medium sized companies to reach design maturity with design and marketing that is human-centred, contextually relevant and turns users into advocates of your brand.

M.A.D. about Brand & UX:

– Research
– Strategy
– Design
– Alignment

We love measuring the ROI for everything we do: If you can’t measure it you can’t fix it.

We use our proprietary REACT design process to Research, Envision, Assess, Create, and Test to co-create memorable experiences.

The outcomes of the process manifest in lasting positive memories of the experience, positive word of mouth recommendation and enhanced customer wellbeing.