About Us

Decades of international experience in experience design in all its forms.

2020 has completely changed the world we all live in. We need to re-emerge from the ashes and form a new reality, a new normal as some say. We envisioned a rebranding and a new mission for the business. Awethentic Co originated at this turning point for humans, business, and machines to embrace a new era of authenticity as we rise, emerge and rebuild from the ashes, loss and collective grief in the wake of a global pandemic and climate change crisis.


Founder, Principal Marketing and Customer Experience

For two decades, Syma has been a practicing marketer, customer researcher, advertising professional, and an academic. She has been trusted by Fortune 500s, bootstrapped and VC funded start-ups and a range of organisations in the middle. Driven by a passion for understanding nuances of human experiences, she has helped shape the design and storytelling of numerous digital and physical products and services. Syma has long championed and supported the work of companies that work towards a better future for humanity, business and the planet.

Syma was recognised as a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) by Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) in 2020. She has served as a member of AMI NSW State Committee for two years, alongside being a judge for AMI Marketing Excellence Awards (2021 & 2022). Syma is also the local leader for the Interaction Design Foundation (Brisbane).

– MSc in Marketing Management
– Masters in Tourism, Hotel and Event Management
– Certified in Design Thinking
– Certified in Service Design