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We are on the mission to make “awethenticity” the new currency of the human experience.

We are a research-informed army of two who, for over a decade, have been on a mission to design and co-create awethentic human and soul centred experiences for humans like you. We have been trusted by Fortune 500s, boot strapped start-ups and everything in between.

Awethentic is a strategic and joyous partnership of two words that are central to our vision of a new world, a new way of being and doing business, that humans have long yearned for. Sometimes our yearnings have been silent, at times our insides have screamed for change. The screams made it to our lips as murmurs many a time. However, we believe, it is now the time for more; a conversation, a movement, a time for inspired real action.

At Awesome & Authentic we design and create experiences with empathy for innate customer needs with mindfulness at the heart centre.

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