Awethentic Writing Community

Awethentic Writing Community

As we navigate a liminal space, at Awesome & Authentic, we have  created a way for academics, entrepreneurs, thinkers and doers to virtually gather and write from the comfort of their home (or office) anywhere in the world. We support these awesome humans and collectively take inspired action. Syma Ahmed, the Founder of Awesome & Authentic, hosts the Awethentic Writing Gatherings, for free, on Tuesday mornings (10 AM – 12 PM AEDT). 

Benefits of Writing in Community 

The benefits experienced by people who have virtually gathered with us to commit to the practice of writing are many. Here is a short list: 

  • Combat the vicious attacks by our shared enemy – distraction. Becoming indistractable is the goal
  • Blocking time to accomplish writing goals improves productivity
  • Overcoming writer’s block and feelings of overwhelm, frustration and loneliness
  • Lifted spirits through the presence of others
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Staying accountable
  • Inspiring clarity, purpose and direction 
  • Mental wellbeing 
  • A kind, inclusive and supportive community that has your back

“Thank you as always for having me in the gathering. The accountability means I sit and actually get the work done!” 

– Lisa Rennie, Lawyer and Book Author  

“Thank you for creating this space … It’s awesome!!” 

– Founder of a Content Marketing platform 

The Origin Story of Awethentic Writing Gatherings 

People have asked us about the origin story of the virtual gatherings. So here goes. Syma was doing her PhD in 2020 when the pandemic changed everything. Doing a PhD can be hard during the best of times. The pandemic quickly became a time of living through a state of heightened ambiguity, uncertainty and constant transition.

As a researcher she takes constant inspiration from the world around her. The train station, signboards, the faces of strangers, rhythms of conversations, random exchanges with frontline staff – every small detail adds to how she makes sense of human experience and the world. In the absence of our established daily routines, friends in her PhD circle felt a need for connection, belonging, a space for getting the work done. Her response took the shape of Awethentic writing gatherings. 

The writing gatherings help us reimagine how we gather, connect, and commit to a practice. During times of isolation, experimenting with ways to connect with humans and co-create value are essential.

Everyone is welcome

We send out a weekly newsletter with inspiration for writing, Zoom details, and some favourites that pop up as recommendations. If you think that this gathering could benefit someone in your circle of care, feel free to share this page with them. We look forward to seeing you at the gatherings. To get invited…

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What you need to attend the gatherings

Magic happens when we commit to the practice. All you need are your writing instruments, a draft you are working on or want to start, a device, and wifi connection. We write quietly for 2 hours and end the writing session with conversation over a cuppa.