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Validation as soon as we started

When the great lockdowns of 2020 started, we experienced an abrupt shift to working from home making digital presence necessary for businesses. What has given us confidence about our recent decision to become Awesome & Authentic is our work itself over the past few months. A leading Brisbane-based youth psychiatrist shifted his entire operation to working from home while his patients also adapted to meeting him remotely. We helped him revamp his digital presence to let his patients find him with ease at a time when his patients needed his expertise. 

We swiftly moved onward to work with a Medical Doctor and Wellness Coach to rebrand his offering to make it relevant for his patients and enhancing his digital presence. The impact of curated design for healthcare providers is huge in terms of lives saved and enhanced human health and wellbeing. Curating these experiences makes us feel and see with vivid clarity that the pursuit of aligning business, technology, human experience and sustainability is entirely possible. The richness of these experiences is making us feel alive and inspired at the Awesome & Authentic HQ. 

Stay tuned for more stories. If you have any thoughts that you would like to share on what makes you feel alive and inspired, drop us a line on any of our social channels or send us an email. We genuinely love engaging with humans.

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